Spring is coming.

Hi All. With gales, rain, sleet and hail we've had a bit of a time of it this last few weeks and after that lovely hot spell too.

So what have we been up to?

Well a last minute rush has produced most of next winter's firewood, but there is definitely going to be a problem bringing it in as the tractor is 'en panne' at the moment, no thanks to it deciding to go on a down hill expedition on its own! I hope we will have a happy update at a later stage.

Our animals are all healthy with the sheep (all 6) doing a stirling job grazing their fields while the horses are coping well too. 

The chickens went off lay for a while but production is rising now.

Dogs and cats are all fine and mostly getting on (mostly!).

Sue and I are very involved in the local music scene and, to raise funds for the Yemen appeal, we will be doing a sponsored 24 hour busk (unplugged) which we hope many of our local friends will help us with. We have already been given two venues free! You can find us on 'Just Giving' if you would like to contribute.

Well that will do for the moment; I'll update you all soon.