Activities offered

Parents - do you want some child-free time?

Sue is a qualified teacher with experience in England as a classroom teacher and lecturer.  In France, she has worked as a peripatetic English teacher for primary schools in Calvados, a teacher of English at adult education classes and a private homeschooler for an American family.  Sue was also self-employed as a countryside conservation consultant and through this work offered environmental education to schools.

It is possible to book half day activities for your children.  Activities offered will not be available for all ages.  Children under six will not be accepted as part of an older educational activity, but it may be possible to have a half day babysitting/fun activity.  Please contact Sue to discuss the possibilities.

Sessions may involve some art, environmental activities, cooking, and learning a little french.  

Times (some small adjustment may be possible) and rates for activities:

10:00 - 2:30 (including light lunch)

12:00 - 4:30  (including light lunch)


Number of children  
1 £50
2 £60
3 £70


For non-English speakers, Sue can offer a range of English lessons.

Please see the terms and conditions for booking.  Sue reserves the right to cancel an activity if she deems the children to be disrespectful of the environment they are working in, including property, animals and Sue, herself.


It may be possible for Sue to take the children out for a day visit, for example to the zoo.  Please discuss before your arrival to ensure availability.